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Snap (Simple Network Area Prober)

Do you ever wonder what else is on the network with your iPhone? Now you can easily find out with Snap! Snap quickly scans the network around your phone and discovers nearby servers, routers and even other iPhones.
Publisher/Seller: 9Bit Labs, LLC/Jason Beatty

  $1.99 DOWNLOAD

Access files from anywhere and securely share content using the online file sharing service.
Publisher/Seller:, Inc


Citrix Receiver

Need to get your Windows apps from anywhere? With simple one-tap access, Citrix Receiver lets you use any Windows app or document directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Publisher/Seller: Citrix Systems, Inc.


Do you get asked to troubleshoot Internet traffic when you’re away from your desk? Are you getting calls from home to research Internet incidents or bandwidth resource issues? With a simple to use interface and real-time reporting directly from your Network Composer(s), the Cymphonix iPhone Application lets you report, monitor and diagnose problems wherever you may be.
Publisher/Seller: Cymphonix Corp.

(IP Network Engineers Toobox)

This application includes a tool for checking IP subnets, calculating optimal aggregates given a range of IP address, Cisco router configuration register settings and estimating VoIP bandwidth requirements given the codec and voice payload.
Publisher/Seller: Kid Mun Yap

  $.0.99 DOWNLOAD

Wirelessly transfer files from your desktop computer to iPhone. Scroll through documents with no hands using “tilt scrolling.”
Publisher/Seller: Magnetism Studios

  $4.99 DOWNLOAD
Mocha VNC

Access files from anywhere and securely share content using the online file sharing service.
Publisher/Seller: Jan Frydendal/MochaSoft Aps.

  $5.99 DOWNLOAD
Network Utility Pro

Stuck in an area away from your computer? But still need to check your website or server status? Now with Network Utility you can check on your precious website or server status from anywhere that you have internet or cell phone reception. With a variety of features, Network Utility is the sure tool for anyone to provide terminal-like network tool support with the ease of an iPhone GUI. Whether you're a network professional or just a blogger, checking up on your server has never been so easy!
Publisher/Seller: Codepacity, LLC

  $0.99 DOWNLOAD
RSA, Security Division of EMC

Protect your most sensitive networked information and data with strong RSA SecurID two-factor authentication.
Publisher/Seller: RGA Security, Inc.


“ePrint” solves to print directory from iPhone or iPod touch.
Publisher/Seller: Microtech Corp.

  $2.99 DOWNLOAD
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